How to Sell Scrap Tires

by John Smith
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Many times getting rid of scrap tires is not that easy. The reason is nearly all waste disposal companies refuse to take them, so you can't put the tires out with the normal garbage. If you use a little imagination and persistence, you might be able to get some money for your used tires. Chances are the money will be very minimal, but it's certainly better than paying to get rid of the tires yourself.

Step 1

Take your tires to a recycling center in your area and ask if they pay for used tires. Tires can be converted for many uses, including making new tires.

Step 2

Contact local junkyards and ask if they will pay you for the tires. Junkyards or junk dealers are often looking for materials they can sell at a recycling center.

Step 3

Call your local government's road division and inquire if they pay for scrap tires. Rubber can be used to create alternative fuels and tar for road projects.

Step 4

Get in touch with a rubber-conversion plant in your area and ask if they pay for old tires.

Step 5

Run an ad in your local newspaper offering scrap tires for sale. You never know who might be looking for tires, including a junkyard or landscaping business. Landscapers use tires to create borders for gardens. A marina might also be looking for tires to place on the sides of its docks.

Step 6

Contact church groups, local school districts or governments who are building playgrounds. Tires can be used in playgrounds for swings and other purposes.

Step 7

Take your tires to a used tire shop. They may be scrap to you, but the tire shop might consider them still usable.

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