How to Sell Used Tires

by Louise Lawson
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Good tires help your vehicle run the way it was designed and help you travel between destinations safely. Purchasing new tires can be a costly venture, with a full set often running more than $500. Used tires are a good alternative for those who cannot afford to purchase new ones, and selling used tires can be a profitable venture.

How to Sell Used Tires

Step 1

Contact local tire retailers and speak to them regarding used tires. Most garages that install new tires charge customers to dispose of old tires and will often give them away or sell them very cheap. Many retailers will let you have the tires as long as you haul them away.

Step 2

Inspect any tires for holes or signs of excessive wear. Holes can be very difficult to patch and make tires difficult or impossible to sell.

Step 3

Measure the tread on the tires. You can purchase a tread measuring device from an auto parts store, or you can measure them with a homemade gauge. Take a sheet of paper and press it into the deepest recesses of the tire's tread. Mark the level, then measure the depth with a ruler. Anything more than approximately 1/8 inch is considered safe and useable.

Step 4

Price your tires according to tread depth. The more tread, the higher the price should be. If your tire has approximately half of its tread left, price the tire at 50% of the cost of a new one. A tire that would normally cost $120 new can easily sell for $60 with half tread wear remaining.

Step 5

Photograph your tires. Current pictures will give you an advantage when you try to sell them to people who might not be able to immediately see them in person. Photos also help you catalog your inventory and keep accurate inventory records.

Step 6

Advertise the tires for sale. Online sites such as American Classifieds, Ebay and Craigslist are simple to use and allow you to reach a large population. Posting detailed descriptions, photos and prices for all items makes your communications with customers smooth and simple.

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