How to Recycle Tire Rims

by Matthew Fortuna
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Car tire rims on most vehicles worldwide serve either practical purposes or are added for extra flair. These rims, like other car parts, should be recycled using the correct methods. The right recycling method will benefit nature and make sure that the rims are being reused instead of left around as garbage.

Step 1

Remove your rims from your tires carefully or have an auto mechanic do it. You can place the rim in a large cardboard box for easy transportation.

Step 2

Take the tire rims to your local recycling center and drop them in the scrap metal bin with other appropriate metals.

Step 3

Bring the rims to a local recycling event or fundraiser. These can be found at city centers or in local newsletters.

Step 4

Sell your rims to a junkyard or through an online auction to get the tires to someone who will reuse them.

Step 5

Take the rims to an automotive store, dealership or a metal plant to find a company who will reuse the metal or the rims.

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