How to Dispose of Tires in Indiana

by J. Johnson
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If you own and operate a motor vehicle, at some point you may end up with old tires that you want to get rid. Just throwing them into the trash is not the economical or profitable option, and is not allowed in the state of Indiana. Tires can often be reconditioned and used again. If not, they can be recycled and made into other materials. The official government website for the state of Indiana offers its residents several options for disposing of old tires.

Step 1

Contact your local waste facility to let them know that you are bringing in old tires. The Waste Tire Management Program in the state of Indiana ensures that waste facilities properly dispose of tires so that they do not create a fire hazard or attract pests.

Step 2

Contact your local recycling center if you want to take the tires to be recycled. You can find your local recycling center by contacting your city government office or by using online resources, such as Earth 911.

Step 3

Find options for getting paid for your old tires. Gas stations, auto repair shops and tire stores will often pay for used tires that are in good condition. Contact a few to make sure you get the best deal.

Step 4

Transport your old tire to the place of your choice. If you're trying to sell it, have the address of your local waste facility or recycling center ready in case the tire is not in good enough condition to sell.

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