How to Sell Used Tires and Rims

by John Smith
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How you sell used tires and rims depends on whether they are still of use or should be scrapped. The price of used tires and rims varies greatly based on their condition, original quality and current demand for them. You might also be able make a little money on scrap tires and rims, although it will be only a few dollars and is largely based on what a particular junkyard or recycling center is willing to pay per pound for scrap metal and rubber.

Reusable Tires, Rims

Step 1

Place an ad on an Internet web site that specializes in used car parts. The Internet has become increasingly popular for providing cheap or free advertising instead of doing it through a newspaper.

Step 2

Advertise your rims and tires on an Internet web site that auctions items.

Step 3

Try selling your tires and rims to a business that sells used tires. It may purchase the tires if they have a decent amount of tread left and have not been punctured. It may also buy rims that have not been dented, dinged or severely scratched. These businesses may also give you credit in lieu of cash if you purchase something from them.

Scrap Tires, Rims

Step 1

Contact a local recycling center and ask if it pays for used tires and rims. Tires can be converted for many uses, including making new tires. The metal in rims is also recyclable.

Step 2

Contact the road division of your local government and ask if it will pay for scrap tires. Rubber can be converted into tar for road projects and used to create alternative fuels.

Step 3

Take your tires to a nearby rubber-conversion facility. These plants might purchase your tires to convert the rubber into another product.

Step 4

Get in touch with local junkyards and ask if they will pay for your tires and rims. Junk dealers often take items that they can resell to recycling centers.

Step 5

Place an ad on the Internet offering scrap tires for sale. Scrap tires can be used for many purposes, including buffers in gardens and swings in playgrounds. Old tires are also used at marinas for buffers on the sides of docks.

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