How to Dispose of Tires for Free

by Elton Dunn
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That pile of old tires in your yard can become a mosquito breeding ground, a home for rats and other vermin or even a fire threat. Getting rid of old tires should be a priority for these reasons, but throwing them out in a landfill isn't the answer--states regulate tire disposal because of these toxic qualities. There are several options for free tire disposal, so choose the most convenient one for you. If you cannot find a free option nearby, you might need to pay a small fee, but this is better than paying a fine for improper disposal.

Step 1

Many tire stores will dispose of old tires for free if you buy replacement tires. Call around to your local stores to see if any offer this service. Arrange to take your car in for tire work when you find a shop that is willing to get rid of the old ones for you.

Step 2

Check with your town's waste disposal department to see whether you can bring tires to a recycling facility for free. As Earth911 notes, many communities have a "tire amnesty day" that allows residents to drop off old tires for free, though they may restrict the number of tires. Plan to bring your tires to the facility during this time period.

Step 3

Contact the tire's manufacturer. This brand information should be written on the tire. Ask whether they run a take-back or mail-back program for old tires. Arrange to dispose of your tires through this program.

Step 4

Search Earth911 for a tire recycler (see Resources). Call recyclers near you. Some may charge a small fee to dispose of the tires.

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