How Much Pressure Should I Run in the Michelin X-Ice Tires?

by Joshua Benjamin

Michelin X-Ice snow tires designed specifically for icy or snowy conditions. Like every tire, each X-Ice tire will have an optimum pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) for best operation. If the pressure is less than required, then your car's performance will suffer. And, considering that they are snow tires, it could also be hazardous to drive on tires that do not contain the recommended pressure.

Step 1

Turn off your vehicle.

Step 2

Examine the side of the X-ice tire, just above the rim. There will be some writing on the tire.

Step 3

Find the portion of the tire that reads "PSI X", where "X" is a number such as "35" or "40." This is the recommended tire pressure for your specific X-Ice tire.

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