How to Dispose of Used Tires in Florida

by Jeremiah Blanchard
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Florida's Department of Environmental Quality regulates the disposal of tires and tire collection centers. The rules must be strictly followed at these sites to comply with Florida state law under the Waste Tire Management Program. Typically, auto repair and recycling facilities are considered Waste Tire Collection Centers and are allowed to store up to 1,500 tires. If the facility stores more than this amount, then they are to be classified as a Waste Tire Site. You need to follow a few guidelines in order to transport and dispose of your used tires in the state of Florida.

Step 1

Locate an auto recycling or repair shop such as Firestone, Goodyear or a local tire shop.

Step 2

Ask the manager or employee at the tire shop about any rules or fees regarding disposal of used tires. Typically you'll have to purchase new tires in order to leave your old tires for disposal. Otherwise, you may have to pay a disposal or storage fee. The tire shop may also direct you to a waste tire site for you to drop them off yourself.

Step 3

Check your community recycling center. Most recycling centers in Florida will accept up to four used tires from an individual per year. They generally require proof of residency, such as a driver's license or photo ID and a copy of a utility bill or tax notice. Many Florida communities also sponsor "hazardous waste" days, where you can dispose of any such waste (including tires) at a designated location.

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