How to Donate Tires

by Louise Balle
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Tire recycling is important because discarded tires are a hazard to the public (they breed bugs and rodents) and an eyesore. When you buy new tires, you don't always have to give your older ones to the tire shop. You can donate them to another outlet that will help others in some way, shape or form. Before you decide to keep the tires for donation, make sure you have a place in mind where you can make the donation and also check the tread of the tires to ensure that they are still somewhat useful.

Step 1

Call a car donation charity to see if the organization needs old but usable tires. These charities sometimes take donated cars apart and sell them for parts to raise funds for charitable causes. A car charity might welcome a tire donation to contribute to this effort.

Step 2

Visit a local used tire shop to donate the tire. While the money might not go to charity, it will be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill, and it will also benefit the small-shop owner. In many cases, even if the tire is damaged the shop owner has the tools to fix the issue and resell the used tire.

Step 3

Offer to donate the tires to a local community organization or beautification project as another way to donate tires. The organization can use these tires to construct tire swings for a playground or paint the tires and create a decorative garden display in a public place to encourage recycling initiatives.

Step 4

Donate the tires directly to your state tire recycling program. Many state laws require tire shops to recycle the tires properly, but donate them yourself directly to your local recycling facility if you want to ensure that your tires end up in a rubber manufacturing plant. When recycled, rubber manufacturers use the tire material in other products, such as tables and flooring.

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