How to Dispose of Old Tires if You Live in Ohio

by Whitney Coy
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Ohio has strict laws against dumping tires. The state's laws prohibit dumping shredded and whole tires in landfills that haven't been licensed as tire disposal facilities. Scrap tires include tires in any form that are not attached to a vehicle. According to Nail-A-Dumper, an association targeting Ohio's litterbugs, tire dumping is punishable by fines ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 and up to four years in jail, no matter how many tires are dumped. There are three ways to legally dispose of tires in Ohio.

Step 1

Pay the extra fee when you purchase your new tires. Tire dealers contract with tire haulers and tire disposal facilities. When you buy new tires, the dealer will dispose of your old tires for a small fee. This fee varies depending on the tire dealer.

Step 2

Drop off your tires at a licensed scrap tire facility (see Resources). There may be a fee associated with dropping off your tires. Call ahead to determine the fee.

Step 3

Call a registered scrap tire transporter (see Resources). For a fee, these haulers will pick up your scrap tires and take them to a scrap tire facility.

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