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What Does the E Stand for on Tire Ratings?

by Mark Kennan

The "E" in a tire's service rating refers to the load range of the tire. You should check your vehicle's manual to determine what load range is appropriate.


The load rating shows how much air pressure the tire can contain and the strength of the sidewall.


The load range is identified by a letter of the alphabet, usually from A to F, which represents the ply rating and load pressure. A rating of "E" on the tire means the tire has a ply rating 10 and a load pressure of 80 psi.


The load range letter, such as "E," is found in the middle of the tire service description. The letter will have spaces on either side of it.

Vehicle Type

The "E" designation for the load rating of the tires is only used on light truck tires, not passenger tires. You can identify whether a tire is a passenger tire or a light truck tire by looking at the start of the service description on the sidewall: passenger tires start with a "P" and light truck tires start with an "LT."


"E" signifies one of the highest load ranges available. You may need a tire rated this high if you carry heavy loads with your truck.

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