What Is an LT Rating on a Tire?

by Mark Vallet
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LT tires are specifically engineered to work with light trucks and SUVs. The stiffer sidewalls provide more stability while hauling loads or driving off road. LT tires are available in a variety of ply levels.

LT Tires

LT is not a tire rating but a category of tire. LT stands for light truck and as the name suggests, these tires are designed for trucks and SUVs. The label LT is usually placed in front of the tire size. The other common type of tire is a P tire. This stands for passenger, as in passenger car.

Differences Between LT and P Tires

There are some differences between LT and P tires. LT tires are less flexible and more durable. They have a stiffer sidewall. LT tires are designed for vehicles carrying a heavier load, and some off-road conditions. LT tires typically have a load range of 10-ply versus a four-ply load range on a passenger tire.

P Tires on a Truck or SUV

Experts highly recommend using LT tires on a truck or SUV. It is possible to install passenger tires on a truck or SUV if you are mainly staying on paved roads and will not be hauling any loads. LT tires will provide a rougher ride but are the safer choice if you are loading up your SUV or truck with passengers or freight.

LT Tire Plys

LT tires are available in three different plys. A tire rated C is a six-ply. D is eight-ply and an E is a 10-ply tire. If you will carrying heavy loads or spending a lot off-road it is best to go with an E-rated LT tire.

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