How to Fix Peeling on Chrome-Plated Wheels

by Charles Poole
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Chrome plated wheels are found on a lot of cars. One of the biggest eyesores that your car can have is peeling chrome. If your car has chrome that is peeling from the wheels, there are several things that you can do to remedy the problem. Sealing the wheels is one of the best ways to keep the peeling from spreading across the entire wheel. You don't have to be an auto-body expert to do this, but you will need to have access to the relevant equipment.

Step 1

Take your car to an auto-body shop and have them take your tire off of your wheel.

Step 2

Use a wire brush to get any excess peeling off of the chrome.

Step 3

Spray the rim with a silicone based wheel sealer. This can be found at local auto shops. Make sure that you get the entire rim in order to keep all of the chrome sealed.

Step 4

Get the auto-body shop to remount the tire to your rim. Get the rims and the tires balanced so you are ready for the road.

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