How to Clean a Slippery Leather Steering Wheel

by Mel Frank

Leather steering wheels are common in many vehicles, as they last for years and provide a good texture to grip when driving. There are, however, some instances where a leather steering wheel can become slippery. Sometimes the wrong cleaning product is used on the steering wheel. These are typically oil-based products that are perfect for shining dashboards and side door components, but should not be used on steering wheels. In other cases, steering wheels can become slippery from body oils on the hands that rub off onto the steering wheel over time. Getting rid of the slippery steering wheel problem is an easy task.

Step 1

Pour a cup of hot water into a spray bottle, mixed with one squirt of liquid dish soap. The soap will cut through the oils on the wheel, as well as any oil-based cleaning products that have been introduced to the steering wheel.

Step 2

Spray the solution onto the wheel and scrub with a cleaning brush.

Step 3

Wipe the steering wheel with a damp cloth to remove dirt and oil as it is loosened.

Step 4

Repeat the scrubbing and wiping until all dirt and oil has been removed.

Step 5

Dry the wheel with a clean, dry cloth to collect any excess moisture.

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