How To Reset SRS on a 1995 Honda Accord

by Angelo Elia

The 1995 Honda Accord four-door sedan is known for its compact size and fuel efficiency. When the SRS light turns on, there is a problem with the Accord's air bag system. To turn the warning light off, reset it using an SCS service connector. You can build your own SCS service connector, using a Honda speaker harness.

Detach the plastic female disconnects from the Honda speaker harness' ends, then cut off 1/2 inch of the plastic jacket that covers the wires. Connect the wires together with tape to make an SCS Service Connector. A Metra Honda speaker harness can be purchased at Best Buy. Its model number is 72-7802.

Detach and pull down the MES (Memory Erase Signal) connector, a yellow component connected by two wires to the back of the fuse box on the driver's side.

Switch off the Accord's ignition and attach the SCS Service Connector to the MES plug.

Switch on the Accord's ignition and wait for the SRS light to shine for six seconds.

Detach the SCS Service Connector from the MES plug for four seconds. The SRS light will shine again.

Re-attach the SCS service connector to the MES plug within four seconds once the SRS light is lit. The SRS light will then turn off.

Detach the SCS Service Connector from the MES plug within four seconds. The SRS light will blink twice to show that it is reset.

It is fairly simple to reset the Honda's SRS.

Switch off the Accord's ignition for 10 seconds, then start the vehicle. The SRS light will turn on, then off, as usual.

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