How to Reset an Airbag Light on a 2007 Toyota Corolla

by Alibaster Smith
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The airbag on your 2007 Toyota Corolla is a vital safety device. When the airbag isn't working properly, the airbag warning light will illuminate. When this light comes on, you will need to have your airbag serviced by a professional mechanic. Once you have the problem fixed, your airbag light may still stay illuminated. You'll need to reset this light. If you don't, you will be unable to be warned of any future malfunctions with the SRS system.

Step 1

Remove the fuse panel cover under the steering column by pulling down on it with your fingers.

Step 2

Locate the yellow SRS electrical connector in the fuse panel.

Step 3

Turn the ignition key to the "On" position (the second position in the ignition).

Step 4

Pull the SRS electrical connector out of the fuse panel.

Step 5

Unbend a paperclip and jump the two electrical terminals by touching one end of the paperclip to one terminal on the connector and the other end of the paperclip to the other end of the terminal. This will jump the two terminals, and cause the SRS light on your dash to stay lit for 10 seconds. The light will then go out.

Step 6

Plug the SRS electrical connector for the airbag back into the fuse panel and close the fuse panel cover by pushing it back over the fuse panel until the retaining clips snap, locking it in place.

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