How to Replace the Headlights in a Pontiac Aztek

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Even though it was well received initially and was named "Most Appealing Entry Sport Utility Vehicle" in 2001 from J.D. Power and Associates, the Pontiac Aztek has, in more recent years, been named on "ugly" and "worst cars" lists, mainly due to styling. Sold between 2001 and 2005, the only changes year-to-year were creature comforts -- upgraded entertainment system, satellite radio and leather seats, for example -- and paint colors, so the process of replacing the headlights remains the same on all models.

Step 1

Turn your lights on and determine which headlamp is out, then turn off the headlight switch and the engine. Remove the ignition key and pull the hood latch to open your hood.

Step 2

Push in on the front of the headlight assembly and pull up the white tab behind the headlight. Pull the white tab up about 1/2 inch, but do not pull it out completely. The tab has a hole in the center; if you have trouble lifting it with your hand, insert a flat-head screwdriver to help you pull it up.

Step 3

Pull the headlight assembly away from the vehicle to access the backside. Remove the protective rubber cover from the back of the headlight assembly. Carefully twist the rubber cover to remove it.

Step 4

Twist the headlamp socket counterclockwise to release it, and then pull it from the assembly. Pull the bulb and its attachment from the headlamp connection module, and then insert the new bulb. Hold the bulb by the plastic module, not the glass; the oils from your skin can cause premature bulb failure.

Step 5

Insert the new bulb and module into the rear of the headlight assembly and turn it clockwise until it locks. Twist the rubber cover back on and insert the headlight assembly into its mount. Push the white tab back down into position to secure the headlight assembly.

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