How to Replace the Fog Light Bulb on a Dodge Durango

by Tara Kimball
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The fog lights on your Dodge Durango cut through fog and other inclement conditions to help improve your visibility on the road. You should replace a burned-out fog light bulb as soon as possible to keep your family safe. The bulbs are easy to access from beneath the truck and can be changed without any tools. The Dodge Durango uses a 9006 series bulb, available at auto parts retail stores and Dodge dealerships.

Step 1

Raise the front of your Durango with a jack. Secure the truck on a set of jack stands to access the fog light bulbs.

Step 2

Reach underneath the truck and grasp the bulb and socket. Turn the socket a quarter inch counterclockwise and pull it straight back out of the light assembly.

Step 3

Pull the bulb straight out of the electrical connector. Install the new bulb by pressing it straight into the electrical connection until it is secure.

Step 4

Insert the bulb into the light assembly and turn it a quarter turn clockwise to lock it into place. Repeat the process on the opposite side, if needed.

Step 5

Raise the front of the truck with a jack and remove the jack stands. Lower the truck to the ground and test the new fog lights.

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