How to Replace a Headlight on a Mitsubishi Galant

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The headlights in your Mitsubishi Galant are designed to provide optimal lighting at night and in bad weather. Because the Galant has composite headlights bolted into position, they do not need to be aimed or adjusted after replacement. Be sure to use the correct headlight bulb for your Galant. The following applies to all Mitsubishi Galants 2003 and newer.

Step 1

Turn your headlight switch and engine off, and then open the hood.

Step 2

Examine the headlight area to find the white dome cover at the rear of the headlight assembly. No components need to be removed to access the Galant headlight.

Step 3

Turn the white dome cover and remove it from the rear of the headlight assembly. Set the cover aside.

Step 4

Turn the bulb module 1/4 turn counterclockwise to release it from the headlight assembly. Pull the bulb module from the connection and discard the old bulb module.

Step 5

Hold the replacement bulb module by the plastic retainer tab, not the glass part of the bulb. Connect the replacement bulb and insert it into the rear of the headlight assembly. Turn the module 1/4 turn clockwise to lock it.

Step 6

Replace the white dome cover and turn it to secure it.

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