How to Reset For Fault in ABS on a Chrysler Town & Country

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Chrysler Town and Country uses a diagnostics system known as OBD-II. If the system triggers an "ABS" fault light, a problem exists with the van's anti-lock braking system. After you've fixed the problem, the light may not immediately go off. You'll need to reset the computer, or drive the vehicle for a while, to turn the light off. You can reset the "ABS" fault light by using a diagnostic scan tool, or by unhooking the van's battery.

Step 1

Turn the Town and Country's engine off, but leave the key in the "On" position. In this position, the cluster lights should be on.

Step 2

Plug your diagnostic scan tool into the scan port beneath the steering column. After a few seconds, you'll see a notice on the tool's display screen that lets you know it is connected to the Town and Country's computer.

Step 3

Push the "Reset" or "Clear" button on your scan tool. Wait for the display screen to show a confirmation, and then unplug it from the port. Turn the key off and remove it, and then reinsert it. Make sure the "ABS" fault light is turned off.

Step 4

Turn off the Town and Country's engine and open the hood if you don't have a diagnostic scan tool. Lift the cover from the van's battery. Turn the nut on the black (negative) battery cable with pliers or a wrench to loosen it. Grasp the base of the cable and pull it away from the battery to unhook it. Wait 10 minutes, and then reconnect the battery. This resets the computer system, including the "ABS" fault code.

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