How to Reset the Door Ajar Light on a 2002 Ford Explorer

by Katebo
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You can reset and turn off the door ajar light on your '02 Explorer right from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. Be sure to have your vehicle examined and repaired, if necessary, by a qualified mechanic before resetting the light. If you don't, the light will just keep turning back on after the reset. The Ford Explorer is equipped with an On-Board Diagnostic computer that reads trouble codes sent to it from various sensors positioned throughout the vehicle. When it reads a trouble code pertaining to the door, it illuminates the door ajar light on the instrument panel.

Step 1

Sit inside the vehicle and close all the doors.

Step 2

Find the fuse panel cover located under the steering column on your Explorer. Rotate the knob and pull down on it to open.

Step 3

Find the largest port inside the fuse panel and plug the diagnostic reset tool into this port. You can purchase a diagnostic reset tool at your local auto parts retailer.

Step 4

Put the key into the ignition and turn it to the "II" position, taking care not to start the engine.

Step 5

Observe the instrument panel and wait for the door ajar light to go out. The light has been reset. Remove the diagnostic reset tool and put the fuse panel cover back in place.

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