How to Reset an E46 Convertible Top

by David Clair
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The BMW E46 is another name for the 3-Series that was produced between 1998 and 2004. Some E46 models are equipped with fully automatic convertible tops. The top needs to be fully closed to prevent water from entering the vehicle during wet weather. If the top does not close all the way using the automatic controls, it must be manually reset. The E46 should be at a complete stop when the convertible top is being opened or closed in order to prevent the mechanism from becoming damaged.

Step 1

Press down on the emergency lock button, located between the rear seats. Release the button.

Step 2

Grasp the convertible top on the side and on the top convertible top frame. Lift the top up and forward until you meet with resistance. Fold down the convertible top frame.

Step 3

Pry out the cover panel in the middle of the front convertible top frame. Insert the allen wrench that came with the E46 into the recess that is now exposed.

Step 4

Turn the allen wrench clockwise until the front convertible top frame locks into the windshield frame. The mechanism automatically seals the lid at this point.

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