How to Put Up a Soft Top on a Jeep Wrangler

by Jeremiah Blanchard
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A Jeep is the luxury car for outdoor enthusiasts, doubling as a convertible with rugged four-wheel-drive capability. Getting your first Jeep may be very exciting and you may have taken the top down to go for a spin without even thinking about putting it back up. Putting a soft top up is much less complicated that some first-time Jeep owners may think. You must follow a few rules, however, if you want to put the top back up correctly.

Step 1

Check to ensure that the plastic sleeves are placed over the folded sun-rider link. This will be the only folded bar with a plastic sleeve visible to you while standing at the rear.

Step 2

Raise the soft top up out of its storage area in the back and fold it over the frame top. Standing at the door, push the top forward until you hear a click. This indicates that the sun-rider bracket has latched into the side-bow.

Step 3

Move the sun-visors out of the way. Pull the header latch hooks up and hook them into the front window latches, but don't push the remaining locking mechanism down all the way. You'll need a bit of slack in the main top to properly fit on the remaining components.

Step 4

Open the doors, then tuck the drip-rail retainers into the top door rails.

Step 5

Pull the rear sail panels down and secure them into their seam (body retainer), just over the rear taillights. The sail panels are the two folded extensions on the top.

Step 6

Install the rear quarter-windows. Place them into their frame and secure them to the top Velcro strip. Zip the windows just 2 inches, then tuck the door-rail retainer into the side door rail. Tuck the window retainer base into the frame-retainer seam. Zip the windows shut securely, then fold the Velcro covering into position by pressing along the top and along the sail panel to push the Velcro onto the window.

Step 7

Open the rear door, then release the inward portion of the sail panels by just 2 inches or until the zipper can be seen.

Step 8

Place the rear window base tailgate bar into its corresponding grooves inside the back of the Jeep and then, starting from the left side, begin zipping the window shut. Roll the tailgate bar clockwise (towards you) until it locks into the tailgate brackets. Tuck the sail panels back down into the body retainers.

Step 9

Close the header latches down completely, then reposition your sun-visors. Do one final check to ensure that all panels are tucked in properly.

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