How to Lower the Back Seat of a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Jody L. Campbell

Lowering the back seat in the Jeep Grand Cherokee opens the cargo space for larger items. In fact, the cargo space can almost double in capacity by flipping down the seats. The Jeep Grand Cherokee even features a 60/40 rear seat. The larger of the split seat backs is behind the driver's seat, while the smaller seat back is behind the passenger seat. This allows a single passenger in the back seat with the other half lowered for cargo storage, if needed.

Step 1

Open one of the backseat doors on the Grand Cherokee, and inspect the rear seat to ensure there are no articles in the seat that would prevent the seats from being folded down properly.

Step 2

Open the rear lift gate, and crawl into the cargo area.

Step 3

Remove the cargo cover, if needed. Older models require pressing in a release tab on the right-hand side of the cover to release the cover from its pilot holes. Newer versions of the Grand Cherokee simply lift the retracted cover out of its cradle behind the rear seats.

Step 4

Locate the hinges on the outer-upper corners on each seat back. Lift the hinges upward to unlock the rear seat from its hinge anchor,and push the seat downward. Repeat for the opposite side to open the cargo space up to its full capacity.

Step 5

Pull the seat backs upward until the hinges lock onto the hinge anchors when ready to restore the rear seats to their original position. Replace the cargo cover, if needed, by reversing its removal procedure.

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