How to Tie a Ladder On The Roof of a Car

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Securing a ladder to the roof of a car is easy but requires a few special steps-here's how!

Step 1 (video link failed-please cut and paste link )

The first step is to place the ladder on the roof of the car. If you have a roof rack you can place the ladder on it. If you do not have a roof rack then you will have to place something on the roof to protect the your paint. Ideally you'd use a thick piece of foam due to its cushioning ability and its ability to "stick" to the roof and ladder. No foam? You can use a cotton towel.

Step 2

Position the ladder in the middle of the roof. The ladder does not have to be centered side to side but should be centered front to back and possibly slightly towards the rear of the car to reduce the chance for wind to "catch" it. If you have a roof rack then the rope can be secured to it if not then you will need to feed the rope through the car's windows (see video).

Step 3

Loop the rope around the ladder frame (do not simply lay the rope over the top of the ladder) as well as tie a knot in the rope around the ladder frame so that it cannot slide (see video). Place both ends of the rope inside the car. Tie a loop in one end of the rope and feed the other end through this loop and pull tightly and knot. Ideally two ropes are used to secure the ladder with each being as close to the ends of the ladder as possible (one rope looped through top of ladder and through front car windows and one rope looped through bottom of ladder and through rear windows.) - Tie very tight knots and use at least three knots on every tie. Don't worry about untying them, simply cut the knots off.

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