How to Install a Sienna Roof Rack

by Eric Cedric

The Toyota Sienna is a mini-van. Toyota offers the Sienna with factory installed roof rack bars. The roof rack is an optional addition to the Sienna and not all models include this factory option. If you have a Sienna that does not have the factory installed rack, there are many Sienna rack options on the market. The basic installation process for the Sienna is the same for each rack.

Step 1

Slide the four towers onto the rain gutters along the roof of the Sienna. Place two towers on each side of the roof. Line them up so each tower has another on the opposite side of the roof. Towers use a rubber coated clamp that rest in the gaps of the rain gutter and the doors. Turn the knobs on the towers to close the clamps and lock them to the Sienna roof.

Step 2

Loosen the bar clamps on the towers using the hex wrench. Slide the cross bars from one tower, across the roof, and through the opposite side tower. Make sure both tower sets have one bar through them. The result is a bar in the front and a bar on the back of the Sienna roof. Tighten the bar clamps with the hex wrench.

Step 3

Install any optional pieces of gear to the towers and bars. Options include lock sets that attach to the inside of the towers, locking the entire rack set to the roof, and sporting cradles or bicycle trays.

Step 4

Attach all cradles and trays, or cargo boxes to the Sienna roof rack using the wing nut clamps that attach to the roof rack bars.

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