How to Recycle Camper Shells

by Julie Thomas-Zucker
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You recycle camper shells by removing them from your pickup truck. Selling the camper shell is the most common way to recycle the shell if it is in good condition. You decide whether to sell the shell in parts or whole. If it rots or has other problems, dismantling it and selling the parts is the way to go. In any case, recycling implies that you use the shell in a new and different way.

Step 1

Remove the camper shell from your pickup. Unscrew the nuts, bolts or screws that hold the shell to the truck. You will probably need someone to help you, as most are heavy and hard for one person to handle. Two types of camper shells exist: hard- and soft-covered. The hard-covered ones are more durable but heavier and harder to remove. Soft-covered ones are easy to remove and some can withstand the weight of one or two people and up to 12 inches of wet snow.

Step 2

Due to the durability of their materials, you can reuse camper shells for many years. With a little imagination, you can use the shell for a chicken coop, doghouse or shed.

Step 3

Dismantle the shell by separating the pieces into parts: windows, sides, roof and screens. Remove the lock. If parts are in good condition, others will buy them.

Step 4

Put the pieces in a wheelbarrow to make moving them easier. Send the pieces to a recycle center so others can buy them. Most states have at least one recycle center. Find a center in the yellow pages of your phone book or on the Internet. Collectors, processing companies and salesmen all have a part in this recycling process. None is more of a recycle center than another.

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