How to Dispose of Fiberglass

by Steve Smith
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Fiberglass is a very strong and lightweight material. However, this means it often outlives the object's usefulness and therefore runs to the end of its life cycle. This is the case with boats, tables, chairs and even old car stereo enclosures. Long after the item has run its useful course of existence, the fiberglass still remains. So if you are dismantling a fiberglass object and want to dispose of it properly, there are ways to go about it.

Step 1

Remove the fiberglass from the surface of the material it is covering to salvage parts of the object. This is not necessary, but it is a meaningful step if you want to keep any part of the object. Use a heat gun and a scraper to peel the fiberglass from the object.

Step 2

Cut the fiberglass into small strips and pieces that are anywhere from a few inches to a foot wide. Use a jig saw or knife for this step. The point is to cut long sheets into more manageable pieces.

Step 3

Throw the scraps into a trash bag or a container. Any bag or container that will hold the scraps will suffice.

Step 4

Take the container to a dump site in your town and properly dispose of them. If your town offers recycling of fiberglass, dispose of the fiberglass in its fiberglass recycling bin. If not, you may choose to locate an industrial recycler that accepts scrap fiberglass. You must locate one in the phone book or through the town dump operator in your town.

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