How to Remove the Headliner From a Toyota Camry

by Brenda Priddy

Removing a headliner from a Toyota Camry is a simple process that nearly anyone can perform. Replacing headliner fabric when it starts to sag can restore aesthetic appeal to a vehicle. Once you remove the headliner, you can replace the fabric or tighten it. These instructions for removal of the headliner apply specifically to Camry models from 1992 through 1996, but the process is virtually the same for Camry models of any year.

Step 1

Remove the headrests from the top of the seats by pulling the headrests up gently until they come off. Set the headrests aside.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to remove all the trim holding the headliner in place along the top of the ceiling. Place the screws in a small container to save for reinstallation of the Camry headliner.

Step 3

Unscrew any clothes hooks, door handles and other attachments screwed into the top of the headliner.

Step 4

Unscrew the mirror housing from the front of the car where it attaches to the ceiling. Remove screws and brackets holding the sun visors in place.

Step 5

Pry the dome light away from the roof with a small pry bar. Remove any screws holding the light in place. Disconnect the wires by hand, and set the light aside.

Step 6

Remove any other screws or plastic strip pieces holding the liner in place. For some Camry models, you may need to remove some wall paneling that holds up the headliner.

Step 7

Unclip the headliner from the car's ceiling by removing the clips along the windshield and the back part of the car. Place the clips into a small bucket for later.

Step 8

Move all the trim pieces to a safe location. Remove any rubber stripping between the headliner and the car ceiling.

Step 9

Start to pull the headliner down from the ceiling beginning at the edge closest to the windshield. Apply some pressure to pull the headliner down if it is glued or rusted to the top.

Step 10

Pull the headliner off the ceiling.

Step 11

Pull the headliner down toward the back seat. Bend the headliner to make the task easier if the headliner bends. If it does not bend, you must be more careful. Angle the headliner board so you can pull it out from one of the back passenger-side doors.

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