How to Remove the Interior Dodge Ram Sun Visor Clip

by Christian Killian

Removing the visor support clip in your Dodge Ram may be necessary if the clip is cracked or broken and is not longer supporting the sun visor as intended. The visor clips into the hook on the clamp, holding the inboard end of the visor up against the headliner while still allowing it to pivot up and down to block the sun while driving. If you need a new clip, you can contact any Dodge dealer parts department to order the correct part in a color that matches your interior.

Fold the sun visor down and pull it back, removing it from the support clip. You can find the visor above the windshield inside the passenger's compartment of your Dodge.

Rotate the sun visor out of the way, moving it to the left or right of the truck. Locate the seam at the top edge of the support clip and insert a trim stick between the clip and the headliner.

Pry the clip away from the headliner. Remove the hook from the truck.

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