How to Take a Shift Knob Off a Chevy Cavalier

by Jeffrey Caldwell

A shift knob on a Chevy Cavalier is simply a large ball attached to the end of the transmission shifter. Aftermarket companies offer a wide array of specialty shift knobs for those who want to customize their Cavalier's interior. Remove your shift knob and take it with you to the store when you purchase a new one to make sure you purchase a knob with the correct thread size.

Step 1

Remove the shift knob from a Chevy Cavalier equipped with a manual transmission. Twist the shift knob counterclockwise. Continue turning the knob until it disengages from the threads on the shift lever.

Step 2

Remove the shift knob from a Chevy Cavalier equipped with an automatic transmission. Begin by locating the shift knob retaining clip on the front side (the side that faces the radio) of the shift knob.

Step 3

Use a pair of needlenose pliers to remove the retaining clip from the shift knob.

Pull the shift knob upwards to remove it from the shift lever.


  • If the shift knob will be remove for a significant length of time, place a length of rubber hose over the end of the shifter to protect the threads.

Items you will need

  • Needlenose pliers

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