How to Replace the Windshield in a Jeep Cherokee

by John Johnston
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The windshield on your Jeep Cherokee must be properly maintained to ensure full visibility when driving. If your windshield becomes damaged and requires repair or replacement, carry out the work immediately. A replacement windshield for your Jeep Cherokee can be picked up from a local auto store or junk yard. The procedure is challenging, but with with proper care and consideration, it can be completed in your garage. Ensure you have help present when removing and installing the windshield.

Step 1

Remove the wing mirrors using a screwdriver to take off the holding screws. Slide the casing and mirror off the vehicle. Unclip the window wipers, lifting the blades off the hinge joints. This process could require some force.

Step 2

Use a sharp blade to cut the rubber sealing from around the windshield. Carefully push the shield from inside the vehicle until it is removed. Have someone on hand to help lift out the windshield and put it in a safe place.

Step 3

Remove all the sealant from the new gasket, and fit it onto the new windshield. The heavy part of the gasket goes on the inside, and the slit goes on the side. Apply a thin layer of sealant to the bottom of the gasket.

Step 4

Rub petroleum jelly around the outside of the rubber grooves. Attach a nylon cord around the windshield grooves. Lay the windshield in place from outside the Jeep Cherokee.

Step 5

Pull the cords across the windshield frame from inside the vehicle. Have someone hold the rubber seal in place from outside the car. Remove all of the excess jelly, and clean the dash to prevent any debris entering the heat vents. Wait 24 hours before driving the vehicle.

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