How to Remove the Windshield on an S10

by Katebo
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The Chevy S10 Blazer is a midsize SUV produced by General Motors. You can remove the windshield from your Chevy S10 right from your home, saving a lot of money on labor costs. You should remove and replace your windshield whenever it has a chip or crack in it larger than a quarter in order to avoid getting a ticket. This is a fairly easy job to do at home if you have someone to help you. It should take no more than a half hour of your time. You can get all the supplies you need from any auto parts store.

Step 1

Locate and take off the retaining nuts that hold the windshield wipers in place using an adjustable wrench. Pull up on the wipers by rocking back and forth to remove them.

Step 2

Put work gloves on and pry up the rubber seal around the windshield using a pry tool. Next, pull the seal away from the windshield with your hands.

Step 3

Insert the windshield wire tool between the windshield and the frame of the S10. Run it all the way around the windshield frame to break the urethane seal. Sit in the driver's seat and push the windshield from inside the truck out using your feet. Have a helper catch the windshield from the outside.

Step 4

Scrape off the old urethane from the windshield frame with a utility knife.

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