How to Remove the Windshield Without Breaking It

by Stephanie Temperino
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Usually you would only remove your vehicle's windshield if it were broken beyond repair. Taking your car to an auto center for a windshield repair can be costly, so consider doing this on our own. The help of a friend may be needed at the end, but you can do the dirty work yourself with all the right supplies. Only a few are needed.

Step 1

Lay the towel on top of the windshield, and be prepared to slip it under the stainless trim once it is lifted.

Step 2

Place the trim removal tool underneath the stainless trim, pull upward slightly, and then quickly slip the edge of the towel underneath it. Doing this prevents scratches on the glass.

Step 3

Pull the removal tool downward as it catches on the clips that hold the windshield in place. The clips will release, and that strip of trim will come loose. Continue doing this around the entire windshield frame until all trim is removed.

Step 4

Cut the butyl window seal that is in place along the outside rim of the windshield. Slide the knife underneath the seal to remove it. The only thing exposed at this point will be the metal frame.

Step 5

Remove the windshield completely. Place the cold knife blade at a 90 degree angle between the windshield and its metal frame. Turn the handle to begin separating the windshield from the frame, and then force the knife through the butyl material using the T-handle.

Step 6

Get inside of the car and push the windshield outward. If you have another person working with you, have them grab the windshield as you push it outward so it does not hit the ground and shatter.

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