How to Hang Car Flags

by Andrea Griffith

Car flags add a little flare to any car. There are a few different types of car flags: flags that hang from the antenna, flags that hang from the windows, and flags that hang on the interior ceiling of the car. Car flags can be found at various drug stores, hardware stores, and gas stations. No matter which kind of flag you have, all are easy to hang.

Antenna Flag

Step 1

Flags for the antenna have two small rubber circles on top and bottom of the left side of the flag.

Step 2

Stretch (slightly) the bottom rubber circle over the antenna and slide it about 4 inches down the antenna.

Step 3

Stretch the top rubber circle over the antenna also.

Space the rubber circles apart so that the flag is taut on the antenna. Iif the circles are too close together, the flag will droop.

Window Flag

Step 1

On a window flag, the small flag pole is attached to a piece of plastic that looks like a clamp.

Step 2

Roll down the car window (do not put the flag on the driver's side window).

Step 3

Slide the plastic clamp onto the middle of the window.

Step 4

Hold the flag in place by keeping your fingers on the interior part of the clamp.

Roll up the window, and the flag is locked in place.

Interior Ceiling Flag

Step 1

Align the upper right corner of the flag to the area just above the driver's seat. Place a T-pin through the flag and the interior fabric.

Step 2

Place a T-pin in the other corners of the flag and into the interior fabric.

Place a T-pin into the middle point of each length and width of the flag (4 total) to ensure the flag is securely attached to the ceiling.

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