How to Remove a Front Headrest on a Jeep Liberty

by Eric Cedric

The Jeep Liberty is a mid-size sport utility vehicle. This SUV is marketed to younger drivers and families, as it has room for five passengers and a good amount of storage space. The Liberty is available in two- and all-wheel-drive versions. Air bags, MP3 interfaces and removable headrests are options with this Jeep. Removing a front headrest in the Liberty is easy, and you won't need any tools for the job.

Step 1

Open the driver's side door. Locate the plastic button at the base of the headrest, on its outside edge.

Step 2

Push the button toward the headrest all the way in. Keep the button pushed in.

Step 3

Grip the top of the headrest with your other hand and pull up on it. Pull until the two metal bars have cleared the headrest housing. Release the button. Repeat the process for the headrest on the passenger's seat.

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