How to Attach a Roof Top Carrier to a Car

by Editorial Team

With all of the hustle and bustle of packing for a vacation, inevitably some items just won't fit into a vehicle’s trunk. You certainly do not want to pack these items into the passenger compartment and create an uncomfortable condition for the passengers. You could leave them at home, but you are sure that you would miss them and would surely need them. So what can be done to solve this common dilemma? The solution is simple.

Step 1

Place the carrier into position. The roof top carrier should be placed at least 1 foot from the front edge of the vehicle's roof and centered on the vehicle.

Step 2

Pack the carrier full. The roof top carrier functions best and is designed to be used when fully packed. Pack the carrier as full as you can and use pillows or cushions to fill up the empty spots. This will also help to protect the carrier’s contents.

Step 3

Attach the straps. On vehicles with roof rails running the length of the vehicle, wrap the short straps around the rail and thread the long straps through the loops on the carrier. Buckle the long straps into the short straps and pull tight. On vehicles with roof rack bars running across the roof, place the carrier between the cross bars and attach the straps across the length of the carrier and pull tight. Adjustments can be made for different roof bar configurations, just refer to the installation instructions that come with your carrier. For vehicles with no roof bars, the straps can be run to the door jambs and fastened in the same manner as used with length-ways roof bars.

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