How to Panel a Horse Trailer

by Don Kress
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Installing paneling inside your horse trailer can not only help to give your horse a warmer travel retreat on cold days, but can significantly increase the resale value of the trailer should you ever decide to sell it. Insulation is optional, but a good idea while you are upgrading the trailer, as well as providing a backing for the paneling to help prevent damage to the walls. Insulation can also help reduce road noise, helping to calm jittery horses on long road trips.

Step 1

Measure the depth of the trailer's side walls from the top of the support bars to the outer wall. Use this measurement to determine the size of the insulation you will use. Half inch to one inch is not uncommon.

Step 2

Cut the insulation to fit snugly between the support beams on the sides, front and top of the trailer. Use construction adhesive to hold the insulation in place on the wall as you fit it into place.

Step 3

Install the paneling starting with the back right side of the trailer. Apply construction adhesive to the insulating panels, and drill 1/8-inch holes through the paneling and into the metal wall supports from the top of the trailer to the floor. Drive screws into the holes to tightly secure the paneling into place.

Step 4

Trim the paneling as you work to ensure that the leading edge of the paneling installed and the back edge of the next piece of paneling share a metal support on which they can be screwed into place. This will assist in preventing the paneling from coming loose with moisture and curling.

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