Jayco Freedom Specifications

by Evan Crawford
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The Freedom Series is a pop-top caravan sold by Jayco in Australia through 2006. Single- and double-axle versions of the caravan are available, as well as a variety of interior sleeping configurations with ample storage space. Perhaps most important, the Jayco Freedom Series' relatively compact size means it can be parked in many garages and carports with ease.

Chassis and Body

The Freedom Series chassis is a PSC hot-dipped galvanized Millenium chassis. The pop-top's Tough Frame is constructed of 25 mm square, tubular aluminum and the body top and roof frame are aluminum as well. According to a review of the Jayco Freedom by Ellen Dewar, "... the use of aluminum in the three critical areas -- body frame, body top and roof frame -- ensures the unit has a low center of gravity, which provides stable handling and towing."


According to Dewar, the Jayco's exterior is constructed of four fiberglass layers, along with ply and polystyrene foam, with the outer fiberglass finished with high-gloss, gelcoat automotive finish. The frame is vacuum-bonded in the final stage for additional strength. "The configuration is designed to provide an almost-dent resistant 100 percent insulated frame," says Dewar.

Length, Height, and Weight

The Freedom Series ranges in length from 13 feet, 8 inches to 17 feet, 11 inches and its travel height is 6 feet, 11 inches. The interior height is 6 feet, 7 inches. The interior height of the caravan is maximized by opening its pop top. Users can pop up the strut-assisted roof easily by unfastening the awning and releasing the roof clips. The tare weight, or unloaded weight, of the Freedom Series ranges from approximately 2,000 lbs. to 2,800 lbs. The ball weight, or weight on the rear of the tow vehicle, is approximately 250 lbs.

Sleep Setup and Interior Options

The sleeping configurations for the Freedom Series vary significantly. Ensuite models are available, as well as models with single, double or bunk beds. Jayco used powder-coated aluminum framing rather than wood as interior trim material. Storage is available under beds, in kitchen cabinets and in the front boot, or trunk.

Kitchen and Power

The standard kitchen package includes a microwave, three-way refrigerator, stainless steel four-burner cooktop and grill, and a stainless steel sink. The Freedom Series is equipped with a Setec power converter that can operate on either a 240-volt or a 12-volt supply.

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