How to Install an RV Ladder

by Irving Oala
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As recreational vehicles are homes on wheels with a limited amount of space, owners often try to utilize every part of their RV. This includes adding a number of different options to the RV, like a pop-out living room or storage compartments on the back of the RV. However, these additions can be expensive. An inexpensive option to utilize more space on an RV is to add an RV ladder, which allows owners to easily climb up on top of the roof of the RV, allowing it to double as a sun deck or place to star gaze. These ladders are easy to install with the proper tools.

Step 1

Place the ladder in the desired location on the RV. Ladders generally are installed on the rear of the vehicle.Contact the ladder manufacturer if you plan to install it elsewhere on the RV.

Step 2

Mark two holes in the top of frame on the RV. These holes should made at the spot where the ladder connects to the frame. Drill two 3/32-inch pilot holes into the frame, about one inch deep.

Step 3

Coat the underside of the mounting tabs with caulk or silicone. Use a liberal amount.

Step 4

Attach the ladder with metal screws through the caulked mounting tabs. Screw all the remaining screws and wipe off the excess sealant or caulk. Allow the caulk to dry and bond with the surface of the RV.

Step 5

Pull gently on the ladder to ensure it is firmly attached.

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