How to Change the Battery on a BMW 3 Series

by Colin Rowe

One of the most common problems in any car is a dead battery, which is vital in almost every aspect of the vehicle. Over time, it weakens until it is no longer efficient at its job and needs to be changed. Changing a battery is a very simple task, as manufacturers put the battery in a very accessible place just for this reason.

Step 1

Park your BMW, turn it off completely, and engage the parking brake.

Step 2

Open the hood of the car using the release switch by the steering wheel, or with the latch on the hood itself.

Step 3

Remove the brackets holding the battery in place using the screwdriver.

Step 4

Remove the terminals from the old battery. You may need to use the wrench to get them off. Remove the negative ("-") terminal first, then the positive ("+") terminal.

Step 5

Take out the old battery, and dispose of it safely.

Step 6

Install the new battery, and replace the terminals, first the positive, then the negative.

Step 7

Turn the car on to check the battery works.

Step 8

Replace the brackets, and close the hood.

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