How to Mount a Rhode Gear Bike Rack

by Nathaniel Miller

Bicycling is a fun, healthy sport that can be enjoyed regardless of your age. Part of the allure of bicycling is being able to explore new areas, some of which will require you to haul your bicycle by car. A safe and effective way to haul your bicycle is with a Rhode Gear bicycle rack that fits on the back of your car. Mounting these racks may seem complicated, but it need not, since they are actually quite simple to operate.

Step 1

Unscrew the yellow adjustment knobs on the sides of the rack slightly so that you can move the rack arms up and down. Adjust the arms so that the rack will fit on the back of your vehicle's trunk or hatchback. Screw the adjustment knobs back in place after you have configured the rack.

Step 2

Make sure the straight arms that will hold your bicycles are horizontal or slightly above. Hook the wide hooks with short nylon straps to the top of your hatch or trunk near the rear window. Hook the wide hooks with long nylon straps underneath the bumper of your car either on the frame or unibody. Hook the narrow hooks with short nylon straps to either side of your trunk or hatchback lid.

Step 3

Pull on each strap, tighten them down and lock them in place with the strap clamps (attached to nylon straps). Check and make sure the rack doesn't shift or move. To use the rack, slide your bike's top tube over the straight arms and secure in the PVC clamp attached to the arm.

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