How to Remove the Roof Rack Crossbars on a Rav4

by Harry Havemeyer

The Toyota RAV4 is a car-based sport utility vehicle in the same vein as the Honda CR-V. The RAV4, like its competition, features a prominent roof rack, allowing for increased cargo versatility. The roof rack's crossbars create resistance, increasing aerodynamic drag and wind noise. Removing the roof rack's crossbars can decrease wind noise, particularly at highway speeds.

Step 1

Stand on a step stool and examine the roof rack rails at the rear end of your RAV4. The end of the rails feature leg covers that taper down into the RAV4's roof line.

Step 2

Pry under the interior side of each leg cover with a screwdriver, creating a gap. Pull the interior side of each leg cover toward the middle of the roof and gently pull up on them, releasing the cover claws from the roof rack's rail.

Step 3

Pull the exterior side of each leg cover away from the rail, and gently pull up on them.

Step 4

Disengage each leg cover by pulling them out from the rail and toward the rear of your RAV4.

Step 5

Loosen the adjustment knobs on each of the two crossbars; twist the knobs toward the front of your RAV4 to unfasten them. Each crossbar has two adjustment knobs on each side.

Step 6

Slide the crossbars toward the rear of your RAV4 and pull them off the roof rack rails.

Step 7

Place the leg covers back in their original locations. Slide each leg cover onto the roof rail, snapping them back into place from the front to the back of the rails.

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