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How to Remove Truck Bed Rails

by Tom Becker

Truck beds are one of the most customizable parts of a pickup truck. One of the easiest and most useful customizations is the truck bed rail. These attach to the top edge of the bed, providing a surface for tying down cargo and a handrail for support. They can also make a stylish statement.

Unscrew the the fastener at the rear end of one of the bed rails.

Unscrew the fastener at the front end of the bed rail.

Remove the bed rail. On some models, the rail consists of two separate housings that secure onto the top edge of the bed, with the rail resting in both housings. In this case, remove one housing, slide the rail out and remove the remaining housing.

Repeat this process with the remaining rail.


  • Most bed rails are attached with simple hex screws. Others are attached with Phillips or standard screws, or bolted into place.

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