How to Replace a Ford Ranger Dome Light

by Kyle Sanstrom
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Replacing the dome light in a Ford Ranger requires removing the translucent plastic shell that covers the dome light. This shell protects the bulb from accidental damage and also prevents the truck's occupants from inadvertently burning their hands on the lit dome bulb. This plastic shell contains relief cuts on the front and back that allow it to be easily pried away from the dome light housing. Replacement dome light bulbs are available from auto parts and hardware stores.

Step 1

Place the truck's automatic transmission shift lever into the park ("P") position, or place the shifter in first gear if your Ranger has a manual transmission. Apply the emergency brake and shut down the engine.

Step 2

Place the tip of a small flat-head screwdriver inside one of the plastic shell's relief cuts. There is one cut on the front of the shell and another on the back.

Step 3

Pull down on the screwdriver to pry the plastic shell away from the dome light housing. Continue prying until the plastic shell is completely separated from the dome light housing.

Step 4

Remove the burned out dome light bulb by pulling it directly out of its socket. Twisting or rotating the bulb is not necessary. Install the new bulb into the socket.

Step 5

Snap the clear plastic shell back onto the dome light housing and test the light to make sure that it operates properly.

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