How to Remove Sportster Rear Turn Signals

by Chris Gilliland
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Harley-Davidson's Sportster is the embodiment of bad-boy motorcycle cool, packing a big attitude into a smaller package. The diminutive Sportster's aggressive lines, however, are often disrupted by the bulbous yellow turn signals that protrude from the rear fender. While some riders can make the compromise between form and function, others elect to move the turn signals to another area of the bike.

Step 1

Remove the left frame cover by pulling it away from the frame and unplug the Maxi-Fuse from the wiring harness to prevent electrical shocks.

Step 2

Lift the rear of the motorcycle using a model-specific rear stand or lift.

Step 3

Remove the tail light lens by unscrewing the mounting bolts with a screwdriver and pull out the lens and bulb assembly. Locate the rear turn signal wiring connectors on the inner tail light housing, near the center of the housing. Push the levers on the wiring connectors inward and pull the connectors free from the circuit board.

Step 4

Push the turn signals' wiring out of the tail light housing and through the rear fender. Pry the retaining clips on the inner fender open to loosen the wiring.

Step 5

Locate the the hex screw and turn signal mounting stud hex nut that secures the and turn signal assembly to the inner fender. Remove the screw and nut with a socket wrench.

Step 6

Pull the turn signal assembly away from the fender support rail. Repeat on the opposite turn signal.

Step 7

Reinsert the Maxi-Fuse into the wiring harness and replace the left frame cover.

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