How to Replace Your Turn Signal Relay in a Toyota Camry

by Editorial Team

Even simple auto repairs can be costly. Perform simple repairs on your car rather than taking the car to the shop. When the turn signal lights are having problems on a Toyota Camry, you can fix them yourself in a few hours.

Step 1

Check your turn signal lights. When one turn signal light goes bad, it will cause the circuit to appear that the flasher is going bad. Replace any bad bulbs that are bad and retest your turn signals.

Step 2

Locate the turn signal and hazard flasher relay. It is located under the driver's side dash below and behind the fuse box. Remove the cover of the fuse box. Using a screwdriver, remove the screw holding the fuse box in place. Remove the fuse box and locate the flasher relay underneath.

Step 3

Remove the bad flasher and replace with the new flasher. Reposition the fuse box and screw the holding screw back in. Replace the fuse box cover.

Step 4

Start the Camry and test each of the turn signals and the flashers.

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