How to Change Head Gaskets on a 3000GT

by Roman Boiarschi

A blown head gasket in a Mitsubishi 3000GT can impact the engine's performance, as well as the vehicle's fuel efficiency. When there is a hole in the gasket or it is overheated, the coolant can mix with the engine oil and damage the block. When a head gasket leak develops, it makes a tapping noise. Replacing the gasket takes between 4 to 6 hours of complete.

Step 1

Drain the coolant and oil from the engine. Remove the intake manifold. Unscrew the exhaust manifold.

Step 2

Remove the camshaft sprocket from the camshaft using the MD998754 torque wrench. Remove the timing belt rear cover. Remove the timing belt. Unscrew the power-steering pump-bracket connection and generator-brace connection.

Step 3

Disconnect the vacuum-pipe assembly. Remove the rocker-arm cover. Using the MD998051 torque wrench, unscrew the cylinder-head bolts. Take out the cylinder head. Remove the old cylinder head from the engine block.

Step 4

Lay the cylinder head gasket on the cylinder block with the identification mark at the front top. Follow the operations above to reassemble the removed parts.

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