Where Is the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir On a 2001 Buick LeSabre?

by Justin Cupler

The LeSabre arrived in Buick's lineup in 1959; eight years after General Motors released the ultra-modern LeSabre concept car. The final product, in 1959, was not nearly as technologically advanced as the 1951 concept. The LeSabre enjoyed a long production life, as it continued uninterrupted through 2005. The 2001 LeSabre came standard with hydraulic power steering. Locating the power steering reservoir can be difficult, as Buick positioned it out of plain sight.

Power Steering Reservoir Location

Buick tucked the 2001 LeSabre's power steering reservoir near the rear of the engine compartment. Buick positioned it underneath the alternator.

Checking the Power Steering Fluid

Turn the engine off and allow the engine to cool until it's cool to the touch. Loosen the power steering reservoir cap and pull it from the power steering reservoir. Wipe the dipstick attached to the cap, reinstall the cap and tighten it. Remove the cap again and check that the fluid level reaches the "Full Cold" mark on the dipstick.

Low Fluid

The 2001 Buick LeSabre's power steering system is a sealed system and should never lose fluid. If the fluid is low, this means there is a leak in the system that requires repair.

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