Mustang Convertible Top Step-by-Step Instructions

by Kelly Reese

The Mustang convertible top can be opened to allow you to enjoy the outside weather while driving. The convertible top is adjustable so that you can open or close it, but it requires no manual lowering because the top is automatic. The only time that you need to touch the top is when you have to unfasten it to lower or secure the top after closing it.

Step 1

Crank the vehicle. Keep the vehicle in park.

Step 2

Pull down both sun visors. Release the latches above each sun visor by pulling the lever toward you.

Step 3

Locate the "Convertible" button above the rear-view mirror. Press and hold the button until the top fully lowers. Close both latches by pushing them forward.

Step 4

Close the convertible top by stopping the car in a safe location and putting the car in "Park." Lower both sun visors.

Step 5

Pull both latches out toward you. Press and hold the "Convertible" button until the top fully closes. Push both latches forward to lock the convertible top back in place.

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